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Bitterman Artwork Completed


Artist John Faughender has completed the illustrations for “The Bitterman” and I am currently working with the book in post production, which is really exciting!  John is attending art school in Cincinnati, and so along with all of his regularly assigned tasks, he has been dealing with cranking out the pages to bring this particular graphic novel to life. “The ... Read More »

Louisville’s Haunted Hotel


I have been working literally non-stop since the beginning of October, up to and including weekends.  With all of the album releases, website changeovers, and other crap I have going on – I have absolutely ZERO time for me.  None.  Getting to go to a haunted attraction this year was almost null and void, until I discovered that the Haunted ... Read More »

Being A “Five Finger Death Punch” FAN For Life = BRANDED.


One does not discuss Five Finger Death Punch with me, and state anything other than praise and admiration.  I refuse to accept any negativity when it comes to my feelings towards the infinite playlist that I carry with me at all times of their music, or the fact that I have begun this ever growing collection of #FFDP merchandise that ... Read More »