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Being A “Five Finger Death Punch” FAN For Life = BRANDED.


One does not discuss Five Finger Death Punch with me, and state anything other than praise and admiration.  I refuse to accept any negativity when it comes to my feelings towards the infinite playlist that I carry with me at all times of their music, or the fact that I have begun this ever growing collection of #FFDP merchandise that ... Read More »

Bitterman Book Sees “Scans” Finally


FINALLY……………. nah, we can’t blame anyone for making sure this book looks amazing… but hey, here is a sneak peek at the scans for the first few pages of the book.  Now, once all pages are scanned, it goes to post production, and then will hit the editor.  The editor will review the post production scans and submit changes… changes ... Read More »

Five Finger Death Punch Streams Live Concert – October 11th, 2014


SHUT UP!  Five Finger Death Punch rules my life, and I have ZERO fucks to give to anyone who has a problem with that.  Last weekend, I saw them LIVE for the first time at the “Louder Than Life” music festival, and they rocked the freaking place apart!  They have announced now that they will be streaming their October 11th ... Read More »