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At the beginning of February, I posted on my Facebook a graphic which said “18 days” and left it pretty vague.  It was an obscure message for me to post, while secretly I was planning on suicide.  Scary, because I didn’t tell anyone.  I didn’t hint at it, or cry out for attention.  I just planned it.   I was ... Read More »

Out With The Old. In With The New.


I thought I could never be extremely happy, because I hadn’t been in a very very long time.  I had been held back so badly by anti-social associations, and wasn’t able to recognize how bad that behavior indeed was.  I had been held back from advancing my skills from a dead end job working at AT&T DSL Technical Support in ... Read More »



John Faughender is an amazing artist, and recently I was honored to create his website!  Here is his biography along with the site link, and I encourage you to check out his webstore! I got my start when I was 5 drawing Spider-Man which quickly escalated in me making comics of my own. Not long after that I began practicing ... Read More »