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Digital marketing teams across the world have one thing in common, social media is growing and so are the people that claim to be experts.  Personally, we have been in this business since 2002, pre-dating the advertising use of MySpace.  We built our own systems, we came in on the beta trials for many platforms today, and we are still members and friends to many of them.

We see clients all the time who have usurpers that come in and try to take over, giving their “I can do better” comments, because talk is easy – but they have no understanding of analytics, key metrics, or strategy.  They attempt to pick us or other digital marketing professionals for information, and we try to advise the best we can. At the end of the day – we have the experience to create success for our clients, and most amateurs can’t touch us.

Social media marketing and strategy is NOT waking up in the morning and saying “what should I post for my client today?”  It’s already got a plan and direction, which flows through to a set goal.  Social media is NOT about being re-active, it’s about being pro-active…. which is why “professionals” are involved. If you can’t get analytic data and a strategic plan from your social media team, you need to ask them and set a deadline.

Clients that think they can sit back and let the money machine flow in with very low numbers, and ignoring the strategy and new techniques to obtain page reach will fail.  Those that claim they can press a magic button to start the cash coming in are dead wrong, in fact they are lying to you.  An honest social media marketer will tell you that “slow and steady wins the race,” and the others are not being up front about  growing your metrics.  We recently have been targeted by usurpers for information, including bold questions about our best practice, software we use, and even down to explaining how it works.

I talked to so many social media managers who are in the same situation with their clients, who have too many people trying to drive the ship, and whom take the focus off of strategy.

Those who choose to remove themselves from professionals will fail, and those who listen to the “we are better, faster, and cheaper” are just wasting your time and money.  The hardest part is watching a client fall victim to these usurpers, and their goals don’t get achieved. They fail because the plan wasn’t worked, the strategy was ignored, and they listened to bad advice and the wrong people.  All talk, no planning and action.  Those are the red flags.  

Be wary of “experts” void of creativity and ideas, their Facebook “company” pages are nothing but shares of other articles from recognizable brand sources, and they have no original content. Their logos/artwork are Google image content that they ripped off and put into a photo editor, their social media videos lack direction and focus, and never touch color correction or are the right size.  We could go on and on about best practice, but we find that more often than not, those that “claim” to be able to offer success often fail – and then their abused clients seek out professional help to repair the damage that has been caused.

What do we suggest looking for in your Social Media management company?

1. Make sure they have experience, because this industry is not about impulse.  This industry is about strategy, and working with seasoned professionals who can guide you in the right direction.

2. Skills.  Look at their portfolio, and review their own assets.  Are they overused stock art images?  Are they custom?  Do their videos look white washed and pedestrian?  Is there a clear directive or “story line?”  If you cannot get engaged by THEIR content, how are they going to get people engaged in yours?

3. Ask them to explain how they will help you with social media, and if they don’t mention “key metrics” or “analytics” and show you prior reports or examples – move on.  In this day and age, everyone uses some form of social media.  USING social media and promoting/selling on social media is two different things.  Make sure that you are talking to someone who is creative enough to fabricate a gameplan, and then stick with them to follow it through.  There will always be skeptics and usurpers in your ear taking about the right and wrong way, BUT — key metrics and analytics determine the path for your social media plan, and because you are unique – so is your plan and your analytics.  This is why professionals study those, and then adjust accordingly to optimize your plan.  Abandonment of this plan mid-way is a waste of money, time, and a huge gamble for the success of your company.

4. Responsiveness – will they answer an email?  Can you always get them on the phone during business hours?  Do they know enough about your business to promote it?  Your social media marketing team is your lifeline, digital marketing is the heartbeat of your business in many aspects, so don’t ignore them.  If you do you are failing yourself.

To conclude, when you listen to people who talk more than they walk – miss deadlines, and cannot come up with creative concepts, how will they help you obtain engagement from an audience that you are trying to obtain?  If you go to a party and the room is full of people who are not innovative and intriguing, you will leave right?  Same for your social media team… they need to help you make sure everyone is exciting and inspired.  Before you hire, make sure you have a person who can say the same things we say in this article.  Make sure they can deliver on those things they say, and then put it to a test.  Ask for reports, metrics, and have them sell your business to you.

Anything else is a bad investment, and we can promise you that.

Jake A. Wheat
StreetBlast Media, LLC.

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