Whether you are starting to enter the universe of social media because you have a business, or you are going to open business and do social media – these are the core principles of being successful.

There are a lot of people who claim to be social media gurus, consequently there are also a lot of people who see little green alien men in their backyard.  Just saying.

This publication needs very little introduction, hit these key points and you’ll have a chance to grow as a marketer.  Fail to hit these key points, and you will subsequently fail as a marketer.  The choice is yours and yours alone.

1. Do not expect to rely on your clients to produce assets and/or if you are managing social media for yourself you WILL be responsible for creating custom content.

A large majority of social media managers expect their clients to record videos, send photos, write blog articles, and ask them to produce content constantly. Band or celebrities are an exception, because they are their own brand, so grassroots asset creation is essential to keep their social networks functioning. Outside of that niche, do not expect your local small businesses to take a break from handling their day to day to get you content.  You are going to need to produce content.

You can also use influencer marketing to get assets from your followers – incentive marketing works wonders.  Asking for product action shots, photos modeling clothes, eating at you or your client’s restaurant, etc.

2. Expect to learn how to implement a campaign.

You cannot successfully grow, engage, and interact with your social media followers if you don’t  have a strategy. Your brand isn’t going to grow without proper branding, assets which have been crafted to be consistent with your brand, and a goal you are working toward.

To understand your goals, you need to understand your audience.  Are they male or female?  What is your primary demographic age group?  What are their interests?  Who are your influencers?  What are your high ranking hashtags?

Where are you now and where do you want to be?  How can you, individually, determine you have met your goal with an established ROI?

3. Expect to examine analytics and reporting.

How do you measure growth?  How to you measure engagement?  What are your reported trends, interests, and competition? If you are not monitoring daily metrics, you are missing the boat completely. You cannot effectively manage any digital marketing campaign without some form of measurement, and anyone who tells you otherwise is lying.   A pilot cannot fly a plane without knowing where he is going to land, and you cannot launch a campaign without knowing where you are going either.  Period.

4. Expect to be very creative. VERY creative.

You cannot share other people’s content and ideas all the time,  eventually you are going to have to invent some on your own.  This is where talented people succeed, and people who struggle with creativity fail.  This is what separates the big dogs from the puppies, so to speak. A person cannot be socially challenged and a social media manager at the same time, because learning what engages people is key to growing a social media network.

We cannot count the number of times we have been imitated, and 100% of the time it falls short of being successful because executing our campaign formulas require a large number of steps that need to be implemented with our experience in mind.  You have to bring the idea into existence, and then keep the content vibrant, fresh, and exciting the entire time.  Riding on one idea and then poorly executing the other parts of that idea without a clean flow is campaign suicide.

Make sure your idea is brilliant at every angle.

5. Prepare to put out fires that your customers/fans ignite.

Being social or having a social network means that — like all social gatherings, people are going to provide a myriad of moods.  Prepare to meet all of them, prepare to remain professional, and keep official responses professional and courteous.

You can win over people in the following manner:

1. Listen to the customer’s complaint or issue.

2. Acknowledge the customer’s issue by stating it back to them – “I understand that you received a shirt that was the wrong size.”

3. Immediately apologize for the issue.  “I am sorry that you received the wrong size t-shirt, I will certainly make this right for you!”

4. Give a repair statement: “I will make this right for you,” or “I will fix this immediately.”

5. Explain how you will repair the issue.

6. Follow through with the fix.

7. Re-cap to make sure the fix has been applied, accepted, or received.

8. Apologize again for the issue, re-cap the resolve, and then ask if there is any other issues that you can help with.

9. Thank them for being a customer.

These are just a few basics, we did not cover many of the other aspects in this article – but we will in the coming weeks.  Leave a comment below and let us know what you do to cover THESE basics listed here – we feel it’s worth discussing the right way to help others.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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