We have run into a million of these “social media managers” who wake up in the morning, bypass analytics or planning, and impulsively shoot out a few posts to each network and move on.  That’s not helpful for your clients or for your own reputation.  DON’T GET INTO THAT ROUTINE!  IT’S LAZY AND UNPRODUCTIVE!

Social media takes an analysis of key metrics, with a lot of forethought into the direction of your campaigns.  If you acted on impulse in your daily life, you would not be as successful.  Same rule applies for social media, take a step back and find out your audience, optimal times they respond, what they respond to – and then schedule accordingly.

You don’t have to be an analytical rocket scientist to make your efforts work, you just need to how to take a step back and calculate the best methods possible to get the best returns for your assets.  Posting at 7 am in the morning may miss the mark for your client, if the best response time is after 1:00 pm, and trivia like that is crucial for audiences that may need variant times depending on the platform.  We aren’t saying that we have “all the answers,” because each case study  is different, but we can make it easier to sit down and plan.  Clients also sometimes want to be impulsive and post without taking into consideration that it could be more effective with planning – get into the habit of explaining that “scheduling is best practice, impulsive posts should be avoided.

We have a simple planning sheet that we use for our accounts to get a basic overview of our direction for the week, and then we update every Sunday.  It’s our way of going over our accounts, going through what we have coming up, and hitting our marks.  Too often, we miss opportunities because dates/events slip through the cracks, so taking a few hours to plan and schedule makes all the difference.

What day are you having a sale this week?  What day will you start advertising?  What assets do you need for each day?  What “National Holidays” are coming up?  Use a planner to make sure that YOU are focused, and then you can implement and schedule accordingly.  With so many different things to remember, planning will help you keep track of what you have coming up and then will help you schedule them accordingly for the week.

What goals do you have for the week? Are you going for a inventory clearance?  Preparing to get 3,000 people to your event?  Driving traffic to your website with a campaign?  Ok, what happens on each day?  What platforms need assets and what do you already have?  There are so many pieces to the puzzle that a social media manager working on an account HAS to be prepared and ready.  If not, it’s a very slippery slope and you run a higher chance of missing your marks, and your clients marks.

Here is a basic, but functional, schedule sheet download!  Simply like our Facebook page or send a Tweet to unlock it:

Remember, there is NO SUCH THING as too much planning before you start your week.  Impulsive reactionary things are emergencies, and the good “meat and potatoes” content still applies – unless something beyond your control impacts that campaign, and then you must go into some form of damage control.  We hope that is a rare thing for you, and with planning – you’ll be more successful than by not planning.

We will be posting more about putting together campaign material in our next blog post, so watch for that!

Thank you for time, and have a great week!

– StreetBlast Media, LLC.

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