Seriously, we had enough.  We did our updates, we had our scripts customized, and we were pulling in sales each day for our artists – and then POOF…. something happened to WooCommerce’s back end that broke everything.  Customers were not getting email notifications of orders, Stripe was no longer compatible with the server – literally a server level issue – and we were dealing with the ugliest looking typeface issues all the sudden.  It was like WooCommerce threw up all over our websites and we had no warning.

I hate to say anything negative about platforms like WooCommerce, but their overall mission to set up, maintain, and sell products – is gone.  Shipping has turned into a giant mess, and getting your IPN to sync up seems to be a nightmare.  Just google issues with WooCommerce, and you will see what we mean.

Our solution was to switch to another platform, and a script search lead us to Ecwid — the plugin, and we fell in love.  All but one of our stores are migrated, and we are working on the last one now.  So if you are having problems with WooCommerce, and can’t get ANY support, then check out Ecwid – and quit wasting your time troubleshooting and more time selling.

Our two cents,
StreetBlast Media

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