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I attended a concert, but do not see the show available for sale.

If a show is not listed after 48 hours, the show was not made available due to venue restrictions.

Access code cards will not be sold at venues which contain recording restrictions.

I am receiving a "cannot add to cart" message while trying to redeem a download code.

This happens periodically for a few of our customers, and we are currently researching the issue. Neither our support team, or the support team at Shopify (Jake’s store host) can recreate the issue, and we have been trying to find assistance from customers to help us collect troubleshooting data.

Please remove or temporarily disable any third-party addons / extensions they have installed in your browser, such as ad blocking extensions etc.  Also, please make sure you have the latest version of your web browser as obsolete ones may cause this issue.

If you are willing, can you please answer the following questions so that we can try to fix this error from occurring and place a support ticket with your answers by clicking the “create ticket” button on the left side of this page?

Please answer the following:

1. Are you using Windows or a MAC?
2. What browser are you using?
3. Do you know what version or the age of the computer you are using?
4. What version of your browser are you using?
5. Is there any anti-virus software running?

We can send you the download via. email – please send us the access code on the back of your laminate, and also the date/venue of the show.

If you would like to help us further figure this out, please let us know as we are trying to find a customer who is willing to record their screen as they get the error message to diagnose and fix the issue.

Thank you and our apologies for this issue.

I am having trouble with a live concert download and/or download code.

Live concert download codes being redeemed, and technical support for live concert downloads can be obtained by emailing support at support@streetblastmedia.com and providing your access code on the back of your card, the show date, venue, and artist you wish to download, along with any other relevant information you wish to provide.

Note: We cannot assist you with concert downloads without an access code or order number.  Be advised live concert download files are in .zip format, contain mp3 audio only files, and are added within 48 hours of the date of the performance.

I am having trouble importing the concert download file into my player software.

StreetBlast Media will help you download your audio file, and make sure you have it successfully saved to your computer.  The file is a .zip file which will need to unzipped to obtain the mp3’s, and then those mp3’s can be imported.

There are thousands of audio players on the market, for help importing your files to the player of your choice, please consult your software vendor.

My Web Store Order Has Not Arrived

All orders on our web store systems will be shipped within five to seven business days.

If you your order does not arrive within the five to seven business day window, please email support@streetblastmedia.com, and let us know your order number, and your contact information so we can run a trace.

Please allow 24 hours for a reply.

I would like a web store refund.

Refunds are at the sole discretion of the individual web store’s policy, any product complaints or refund requests must be cleared by the individual web store owner first before we can authorize a refund.

To start the refund process, please email the following to: support@streetblastmedia.com.

1. Web store name.
2. Order Number.
3. Your email.
4. Your Phone number.

Please allow us at least 24 hours for a reply.

I want to unsubscribe to one or all of your mailing lists.

If you were contacted via. email from one of our email campaigns and do not wish to continue to receive emails from us, please click the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the email, or you can email us at: support@streetblastmedia.com providing your request, along with the email address you wish to have removed.  You may also mail a written request for removal to:

StreetBlast Media
PO Box 176
Fairdale Kentucky

Please allow up to 24 hours for removal.