In a previous blog post, we introduced you to Wavve, a online cloud based software which embeds a waveform of your selected audio over a your custom image file.  We were introduced to the concept a little under a month ago, and from there produced multiple assets for our clients who are musicians – assets like the one below:

The result was astounding.  Each Wavve video we created and posted in 600 x 600 square format received on average about 7,000 views, hundreds of shares, and tons of likes/loves.  The Wavve players were placed on Twitter (through a YouTube link), or embedded for the 30 second play on Instagram.  Each time they exceeded our expectations  – driving a ROI from mp3 sales, venue ticket sales, and/or engagement and follower growth.

We honestly believe that Wavve is the right way to bring music to socials, because the asset breaks up the timeline between flat images, moving video, and forces the user to listen longer because it visually shows that there is audio to be heard.  This, ultimately, gives opportunity for more engagement – which is ever social media marketers dream.

For example, check out this Wavve player we created for the upcoming Jake Shimabukuro tour in Japan:

The metrics for this are organic:

Organic reach was 28,909 people.  There were over 8,000 “views” or as we like to say “listens.”  Then this Wavve had 376+ likes & loves, and combined share total of over 500.  Wavve for us is worth every penny, and being that it’s inexpensive – musicians, podcasters, or anyone who works with audio driven content should consider this a staple.

Wavve is the answer to audio on social media, and the results speak for themselves.  We highly recommend Wavve to anyone, and will continue to share our results proudly.  Heck, we even have venues asking for them to help promote our artist’s shows now – so we are getting attention where it counts!

Let us know what you think!

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