StreetBlast Media has been in the business of digital media since 2002, and today we are celebrating our first ever eNews publication that will hit inboxes of our subscribers at 9 AM EST.  We will be featuring our new social media marketing video packages, and discussing various topics like social media usurpers, and the importance of strategy.

Our client roster is growing with some exciting news with our music festival promotions team, and also a new DVD release from Erin Myers with Spiral Spine, which will be out late July or August… which we will talk more about in our next newsletter.  We look forward to bringing new informative write ups each week, and can’t wait to release our monthly email newsletter to the masses!  With over 10k on our mailing list, we can’t thank each of you enough for trusting us to bring you the latest in digital media!

So sit back, relax, and enjoy our email publication that comes out TODAY at 9 AM EST – and as always stay amazingly #untouchable!

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