Musicians in general have a huge challenge when it comes to social media platforms, what is the most engaging way to serve up audio files?  Getting an artist’s music heard is challenging enough, let alone grab the attention of the listener.  How can one create a shareable asset with an audio file that is both an audio player, and visually appealing?

Enter Wavve – a simple to use platform that turns your graphic design into an equalizer style player that is formatted for social media.  The videos even come in square for Instagram, and are very customizable.  Check out our square video test run we did for Stoney LaRue’s song “Aviator” here:

Artists need this platform to get their singles released in a campaign roll-out designed to grab the listeners attention, and to stimulate single or full album sales.  Speaking with “Baird,” a Kentucky native and developer of this platform, he stated that “the previous company we started was a way to record/save audio online. We needed a good way to share it on social so we built Wavve.”  Upon suggestion, we signed up for the “Gamma” plan with customizable cards, and we went to work in Photoshop.

We designed our first player for Instagram, a square 600 x 600 player – and added our own textual elements in Photoshop (you can also add them with the card builder on the platform,” and then we added our equalizer waveform – you have several to choose from.  Once that was done, we simply uploaded our audio, hit the generate button, and it was ready to be downloaded in about five minutes.  #untouchable

We see many uses for this platform, and we feel that many social media managers in the entertainment industry will find this to be an exciting and easy utility to bring audio files to life on their platforms!  We have already engineered a full campaign around an album release with the Wavve service, and we can’t wait to provide the metrics.  In the meantime, check out Wavve for yourself – and have fun bringing your artist’s music to life!

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